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Tuesday Trying – “loving someone doesn’t make them deserve you”.

Today’s piece is inspired both by this quote and by the pain so many of us have felt from loving people who don’t treat us well. I tend to write these Tuesday pieces in about an hour so it is unpolished, but very much from the heart. The challenge for me was to work the line in somewhere and to write about the pain without making it melodramatic, and to Show not Tell.



The vice was back around her heart. Tight and unforgiving. This time though it had spread through her chest so that every breath pushed against a reminder of how little she meant.


Her hands gripped the steering wheel.  This was ridiculous. She’d been sitting here for at least 20 minutes. She gazed down the street towards the house. The early evening sunshine made a pretty dappled pattern on the path outside her gate.


If I had a car crash, I could go to hospital and be out of it for a while. Just a while.


She shook her head and took the keys from the ignition. People thought anxiety was a flighty nervous thing, but to her it was a heaviness. It settled on her like a coat as she opened the door, stifling in its weight. She had a sudden intense wish that the breeze could lift it away. But the air danced around her, oblivious. Continue reading “Tuesday Trying – “loving someone doesn’t make them deserve you”.”

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Tuesday Trying – a Mermaid Conspiracy



Today’s Tuesday Trying was inspired by a Twitter conversation. If you’re on twitter you might have seen an exchange between a woman who claimed that the Megalodon was still in existence and a whole bunch of marine scientists who said ‘uhh…not so much’. What hooked me was her claim that the existence of the Megalodon was known but hushed up because otherwise the government would experiment on them ‘just like the mermaids’.


That’s right. Continue reading “Tuesday Trying – a Mermaid Conspiracy”

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Tuesday Trying – “All I had left of my wings was a single, solitary feather”


Today’s prompt is another in first person but I decided to mix it up and make it a piece of dialogue instead, working on creating a part of a story that fits with some plot bunnies of mine. I hope you enjoy it.

Writing Prompt 2


Elena gazed upwards, as though through the snowy boughs she could still see the birds in flight. She could hear them still. The soft and silent winter air disturbed by the rhythmic thrum of strong black wings. She squeezed her eyes shut, blinking to get out the pain. It had been so long.

Movement on her left had her straighten her shoulders and turn to Max. The heavy frown was back on his brows and those eyes that had laughed so much this morning were cold.

“Had you planned on telling me?” Continue reading “Tuesday Trying – “All I had left of my wings was a single, solitary feather””

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Tuesday Trying – “Never had I seen someone so lost in their own home before”


This is the first in a series of posts that I plan to do regularly, taking a prompt or an idea and writing something, anything, to keep me motivated and keep up the feeling that writing is like playing – it should be fun!


I tried to work on getting a sense of the environment the characters are in (as I’m often a bit forgetful about describing places), and the voice of the narrator to give a hint of the kind of person they are and the kind of relationship that might exist between them and the other person.  Continue reading “Tuesday Trying – “Never had I seen someone so lost in their own home before””