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Sunday Snippet – Anton’s patrol runs into the wrong people

Fantasy battle warrior

Marius nudged his horse closer, bringing Anton back into the present. “What’s that over there, at the edge of the forest?”

Following the direction of Marius’s finger, Anton allowed a touch of his power out to improve his eyesight. He saw the unmistakeable signs of soldiers on horseback. “Draw up” he snapped back. “Into defensive formation”.

Reinaldo sat back on his horse and checked that the militia were getting themselves into the right place. He cast a grim look at Anton who shrugged slightly. Meilyr had had no need of a serious army for far too long. The men and women who formed the militia were willing and keen but untried and undisciplined. If they were lucky this was just an advance party of general infantry, if they were unlucky they might just end up dead. Continue reading “Sunday Snippet – Anton’s patrol runs into the wrong people”