Works in Progress

I write romantic fantasy with lyrical description and strong characters. I love exploring the acceptance of self and the concept of choice, in a variety of immersive worlds and time periods.

Read on to find out more about my current projects – the ones I’m drafting, the ones I’ve planned, and the ones that I’ve shelved (for now!).

Lady of the Ravens


Killing a king was supposed to keep her safe. Now the new king has killed her coven, hunts her child, and seeks to steal her power. She never should have married him.
Lady Macbeth X Game of Thrones

MS now Represented by Eva Scalzo at Speilburg Literary

The Firesnake Curse

Very early stages of drafting.

A snow queen inspired secondary world fantasy.

Currently Drafting

Witch of Mayfair


Fantastic Beasts X Miss Fisher’s Mysteries.

All Dinah wanted was a new life in London where no-one would ask why a witch was using a mage’s wand. But when her aunts are blamed for the death stalking her village back home, she gives up the cocktails & cha-cha to find the real killer before the handsome Inspector or her brooding childhood friend throw her aunts in jail and leave the magical killer on the loose.

Currently drafting

Blood Cursed Rose


A contemporary gender swapped vampire Beauty and the Beast, with character interactions reminiscent of Yennefer and Geralt in THE WITCHER, and the aesthetic of THE ORIGINALS

You can read a Christmas short story set in this world here.

Drafting Paused


Flight of Hope – This picks up a year after the events in Dust Bound. Adelia is called on to honour her promise to an old friend, a promise that takes her into Aelfhame and a civil war amongst the Fae. (partially written)

Siren’s Call 2 – unwritten but outlined. The sequel will reunite our heroes and bring the conflict between mer and humans to the surface.

Currently plotting

Other Projects

Redemption – an epic fantasy about forgiveness and war. In need of rewriting.

Light Breaks – a contemporary fantasy about a single mother trying to find her way after a disastrous marriage. When long latent magic awakens in her, she fears she is going mad like her great aunt. A hunter from the Fae court, Damon, is sent to deal with her but finds himself drawn to protect her instead. Against her will, Phoebe finds herself drawn into a battle between different Fae factions.

Currently shelved

Fan Fiction

Return of Merlin. I have one completed fan fiction that I wrote a few years ago for my boys, based on the BBC Merlin series. My oldest son was heartbroken that Arthur died at the end so I wrote a story where Arthur returns in 2016.

This is available to read at  Merlin Fanfic by Clementine Fraser on

You can also read extracts of this on the Snippets page on the blog.

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