Clementine Fraser

Teacher | Fantasy Writer | Mother

Clementine Fraser lives in Aotearoa New Zealand with two wonderful teenagers and a giant doofus rescue dog. In her day job, she teaches teenagers to love history. Having worked as a professional historian before she started teaching, it might be expected that her primary genre would be historical fiction—but fantasy in all its magical variations is the genre that captures her imagination and makes it sing. Writing in stolen moments at lunchtimes, after school, and in between family film nights is not always easy (and requires a constant infusion of coffee), but is always worth it. When she is not writing or working, you might find her curled up in an armchair with a good book or trying not to kill the flowers in her garden.

Her core story is about vulnerability, and loyalty, and facing who you are and where you are with strength and dignity. Whatever the setting, whatever the genre, this filters through into her stories

She has won a range of awards for her unpublished manuscripts in contests, including many first places across all submitted works since 2018. See here for a list of awards Clementine has won.

Clementine is represented by Eva Scalzo of Speilburg Literary agency.

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