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I write romantic fantasy with lyrical description and strong characters. I love exploring the acceptance of self and the concept of choice, in a variety of immersive worlds and time periods.

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A year has passed since Adelia Lark formed a blood bond with a Fae prince to protect her home. Now that bond is being called in. Rescuing a Fae is hard enough, but in allying with the prince’s mother to wrest him from the clutches of the Ice King, Adelia and Ryder put their own people in the crosshairs. It’s going to take all Adelia’s growing powers, Ryder’s grudging friendship with a Fae assassin, and a haphazard
changeling crew, to squash the Fae threat for good.

The second book in The Faepocalpyse Chronicles. Publication slated for Late 2023 Click HERE for more.

Lady of the Ravens

Killing a king was supposed to keep her safe. Now the new king has killed her coven, hunts her child, and seeks to steal her power. She never should have married him.
Lady Macbeth X Game of Thrones

MS Represented by Eva Scalzo at Speilburg Literary Agency, currently on submission.

Blood Cursed Rose

A contemporary gender swapped vampire Beauty and the Beast, with character interactions reminiscent of Yennefer and Geralt in THE WITCHER, and the aesthetic of THE ORIGINALS

Lola Mallory is a vampire who craves solitude, blood, and a way to break the curse she’s lived under for centuries. With the sting of ancient betrayal still strong, Lola is determined to never open her heart to another–even if love means breaking the curse. Until she meets Killian.

Killian Beauregard is a lawyer trying to keep his brother from becoming enmeshed in the same criminal world that dominated their father’s life. He hates everything to do with the cartels who destroyed his family, and the vampires they admire–until he meets Lola.

When Lola places Killian’s brother under a thrall as punishment for a theft, an enraged Killian is determined to kill her and free his brother. But Lola offers him a deal– if he works with her to bring down the cartel threat looming over all of them she will release his brother. When a rival vampire gets involved and the possibility of breaking the curse becomes more real, Lola will face a choice–her heart, her life, or the curse. 

Novella slated for publication Mid 2023

You can read a Christmas short story set in this world here.

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