Character Art

From friends’ drawings of my characters to commissioned works, I just adore having my characters brought to life!

Lark and Ryder from DUST BOUND
Art by @sncinderart on Instagram

I just stumbled upon a super fun website called where you can create portraits of your characters! It’s such a joy to someone like me who can SEE my characters so clearly, but cannot for the life of me draw them. So please do enjoy the following, my efforts on Artbreeder.

Evan and Ana from SIREN’S CALL

Lark and Ryder from DUST BOUND

Elena and Max from LADY OF THE RAVENS

Reggie and Dinah and Charlie from WITCH OF MAYFAIR

Lola and Killian from BLOOD CURSED ROSE

and finally, my latest – Bastien and Rensa from FIRESNAKE CURSE