Musings on Fiction and Tropes

I need a hero

One of my favourite birthday presents ever – life size Han Solo cardboard cutout.


Heroes reflect back to us society’s values and aspirations. They help us see how we too can make a difference. And they’re pretty cool.


My youngest son was talking about Star Wars and how much he likes the character of Finn. He said: ‘everyone loves him. It’s because he’s brave and looks after his friends’. This is such a powerful message to kids. Finn isn’t the most competent or the most powerful hero, but he keeps doing things because he wants to help his friends. He’s actually like Ron Weasley from Harry Potter in many ways – sidekick to the powerful and the intelligent, hero in his own right, braver than he thinks he is, loyal to the bone. Not a surprise that the same son also loves Ron Weasley.


Heroes shouldn’t be perfect, because otherwise they are a) unbelievable and Continue reading “I need a hero”