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Serendipity and a Very Happy Art Tale


There are times when life seems to just go your way. When chance magically eventuates to bring you a wonderful outcome. This is the story of one of those times.


I love art. I don’t have a lot, other than my grandmother’s paintings, because I can’t really afford it and I don’t always see things I like. I was talking with my friend Kellie on Twitter about buying a piece of art she’d seen out at lunch, and I told her something along the lines of  ‘You NEED to buy it if you can, because if you really love it you will always remember it and always be sad it isn’t with you.”  *spoiler – she’d already got the painting by the time I commented. That’s not the serendipitous bit*.


The reason I was so vehement about this is because I remember so vividly two pieces of art in particular that I loved and didn’t buy. Continue reading “Serendipity and a Very Happy Art Tale”