The Faepocalypse Chronicles

The Faepocalypse Chronicles are set in Aotearoa New Zealand in a world covered in toxic Fae Dust, an endlessly falling grey powder that burns through skin and metal. The series follows Adelia Lark and Ryder Hendrix, as they navigate life in a post-apocalyptic world of magic and secrets.

Dust Bound – Book One of the Faepocalypse Chronicles

Seventeen years after the Fae destroyed the world, Adelia Lark must face them again. A boy has disappeared, stolen by Fae.

Accompanied by the ruggedly handsome Ryder Hendrix, the man she’s secretly loved for years, she ventures through a broken landscape to rescue the child whose fate echoes her own.

But the Fae are hunting them, and the only chance of survival lies with Adelia accepting her past and embracing the mysterious powers she never wanted—and in doing so she may lose Ryder forever.

Cover Art by Jonas Mayes-Steger of Fantasy and Coffee Design

Winner of 2019 Fab Five Contest
Winner of 2019 On the Far Side FFNP contest
Winner of 2019 High Five Contest
Second Place 2019 TARA Contest
Second Place in the Ink and Insights Masters 2019 Contest
Third Place 2019 Georgia Maggies

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Changeling Risen – Book Two of the Faepocalypse Chronicles

A year has passed since Adelia Lark formed a blood bond with a Fae prince to protect her home. Now that bond is being called in.

Rescuing a Fae is hard enough, but in allying with the prince’s mother to wrest him from the clutches of the Ice King, Adelia and Ryder put their own people in the crosshairs.

It’s going to take all Adelia’s growing powers, Ryder’s grudging friendship with a Fae assassin, and a haphazard changeling crew to squash the Fae threat for good.

Cover Art by Jonas Mayes-Steger of Fantasy and Coffee Design

Coming Late 2023!

Dust Bound Trailer