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We can’t do it alone – lessons from Frodo and Sam

Frodo and Sam cropped

“Come on Mr Frodo, I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!”


Such a great moment. I cry every time.


If you’ve seen the movie or read the book, you will recognise this as the moment that Sam picks up Frodo and carries him towards the entrance to Mt Doom. Frodo had told Sam earlier that the ring “is such a weight to carry, such a weight’. But when Sam had offered to carry it for him he said “You must understandit is my burden, and no one else can bear it“. All through the story there are these two ideas that seem to be in competition but really aren’t. Continue reading “We can’t do it alone – lessons from Frodo and Sam”

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The Biter Bit – the real curse of the Vampire, and why we love them.


Vampires have always seemed very tragic to me.


I was thinking about how people become the way they are – how, for instance, a happy friendly child turns into a stone-hearted and cruel sadist. When we talk about such a person, we always knowledgeably point out how a formative event in someone’s life influenced the way they later became. I admit that sometimes I wonder if they were always a little pre-programmed that way.


It’s the same for vampires.


We’ve all seen or read vampire origin stories. The ‘birth’ of a vampire is always depicted as violent. Traumatic. Sometimes it’s a matter of choice to escape an apparently worse situation, others its out of a simple desire to keep living.  Sometimes it is forced on the person. Whatever the trigger for the transition to vampire, it isn’t just a change of outfit and some make up – it always seems to involve massive physical stress. The psychological pain and confusion must be pretty intense also. Out of this trauma we can see a path of tragedy unfolding. Continue reading “The Biter Bit – the real curse of the Vampire, and why we love them.”