Art on the Streets – a photo essay

Being picked up near a cafe in Morningside

I love Street Art. Whether it’s a painting on the side of a cafe wall, or an open air exhibition, I love running into creativity in unexpected places. It speaks to something deep inside me that humanity has such an urge to create, to share, to express. I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. If anyone knows the artist of any of these works I’d love to know and to give them credit.

Art in public spaces can change the environment from an unwelcoming empty wharf yard to a gallery. 

an open air exhibition “Adornment” by Camille Sanson down at the Queen’s Wharf in Auckland


This open air exhibition by Camille Sanson was stunning. It invites people to stop and linger, to engage with their surroundings more.

a wall in Pt Chevalier – it looks old but I suspect it’s newish

Nothing like a bit of patriotic wall art. Art can be used for public remembrance and education too.

Commemorative art for the Women’s Suffrage Centenary, Auckland City


These beautiful castings encouraged people to stop and read the signboards which teach about the history of the Queen’s Wharf area.

This gorgeous tiling is in a path to a playground in Swanson

And then there are the guerilla artists. These always delight me. The first time I saw the little giraffe below (he’s about 20 cm high) I was so happy. He was such a surprise. I have never forgotten a great picture stencilled on a wall on Williamson Ave – it was the classic Marilyn Monroe portrait, but with a moko.  I always wanted to get a picture of it and never did. It is gone now.

This little fellow popped up on a fence post on Home Street in Grey Lynn
A cheerful parrot enlivening an otherwise boring wall.
An artist at work covering construction boarding in Ponsonby
A different kind of public art in Queenstown – he made the piano and was playing his own music. Check out http://www.evolvingrhythms.com


Art inspires us, entertains us, provokes us. To see it around the city, in unexpected places, lifts our spirits and creates a stronger sense of place. A stronger sense of community. Art in the streets is not just cool, I think it’s a public good.



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