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Why I fell for Captain America

Captain America pic shutterstock


It wasn’t just Chris Evans that made me fall for Captain America.


Okay, it was a lot to do with Chris Evans but not all of it. Truth be told, first time I watched the Avengers I thought Captain America was a bit of a prat. I thought he was pretty sanctimonious and I preferred the snarky flippancy of Iron Man. I’d also not read a lot of Captain America comic books; when I was young I read the comic books that my brother bought and I remember a lot of Silver Surfer, Thor, and Fantastic Four. No Captain America. So I came to it just from the recent Marvel movies.


Then, I admit, I started following Chris Evans on Twitter, almost by accident.  He’s pretty great. It was after reading several posts showing how the actor upholds the ideals of the character (and after my 9yo declared that Captain America was his favourite superhero) that I decided to watch the Captain America movies.


It was then that I fell for Captain America.

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