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Friday Morning Positivity Boost

Pollyanna 2

Dropping in on your Friday morning like a puppy with some love and some wise words. (Puppies don’t talk but if they could I think they’d have heaps to teach us).


Sometimes you have the tough days. You don’t even know why your mood suddenly drops – thinking back over your day it was okay. Well. They did give you a mocha, not a flat white and had to remake it when you were already late. Oh! and you were rushing to work and traffic was everywhere you wanted to be. Ah, and you realised your bank balance was a lot lower than it should be. Rain. Okay. Those are all reasons. BUT the actual day was okay. In fact, some bits were nice.


I had that day yesterday.


This morning I reflected on my day yesterday and realised – sure, there were some tough bits but on the whole I had a really nice day. I was really mostly just super exhausted.  I put myself to bed last night like a tired toddler screaming because it was all just too hard.


Sleep helps.


When we’re having the tough days there are two ways to deal with it. One is to just try and ride it out. Realise that there doesn’t even have to be a reason for the low mood – sometimes you have a bad mood and it just is. (or you need sleep. sleep is important). The other is to consciously step back and think about all the good things that happened, even if they were small.


A student was super happy to see me and say hello.


Someone brought me a coffee back from their lunchbreak.


I managed to squeeze some writing in during the day.


I got lots of super affectionate snuggles from my boys.


My friends are lovely and entertaining people who make my day so much nicer.  They also had my back when I was running late.


Perhaps if I’d been able to consciously step back and think about these things yesterday, the bad mood might not have taken such hold. So that’s my goal for today – focus on the things that make me happy. Relish those moments.


And if that doesn’t work, I just have to remember something very important.



giphy feels like friday


That’s right! It might not be Friday yet in most of the world but for us lucky Kiwis it is. And trust me, we’ll be sliding into that Friday day like we own it.


giphy happy dance 3


So if you have a bit of a rocky start today, just remember – you’re not alone, it’s Friday, and Friday is for happy.


Have a fantastic day.


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The Power of Choice

fork in the road 2

Making a choice makes us powerful. Choosing our attitude, our path, our sense of self, is how we can start to take control of our lives.


Ever since my late teens I’ve had a philosophy about choice that backed up my parents’ lessons when I was young. They always taught me that you could choose to change your behaviour, that how we behaved and acted was a choice. For instance, we often allow ourselves to behave badly around family because we know they will love us anyway. That was called out in my family  – we were made aware of what we were doing so that we could decide to do otherwise. Continue reading “The Power of Choice”

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Happiness – how I try and catch it

Biggest son when he was smaller, in a moment of joy.


Happiness is something we are all supposed to be striving for and when we don’t feel it we wonder how we can catch it, pin it down, keep it.


I think it is useful to differentiate between happiness and joy. Sometimes we can be quiet happy when other times it’s bubbles of joy floating through us.  When I was looking up images for happiness on Shutterstock it seemed to be mostly photos of people with arms wide open, faces to the sky. Happiness as an open feeling is something I can connect to. It can be a giant feeling. But sometimes happiness is a quiet secret moment, a gentle glow. And happiness looks and feels different to different people.


Something I hear a lot is: ‘you’re such a positive person! how do you stay so happy all the time!”. The big secret is that I don’t. No-one can really maintain a high level of positivity constantly (if you can – get in touch and tell me how!). Like motivation, positivity and happiness need fuel – you have to put stuff in to get stuff out.  I’m not always good at it either, but when I actively chase the happiness, usually I can catch it. Continue reading “Happiness – how I try and catch it”